History of the Stonehouse at Canoe Cove Marina
The Stonehouse Pub the beginning
Secluded in a private setting at Canoe Cove Marina, the English-style manor was built in the 1930s as a family home by Hugh Rodd, a British immigrant who became a well-known businessman and entrepreneur in the Pacific Northwest.  The house was made from locally quarried stones and boasted features typical of the era such as decorative leaded windows, fir floors and hand-hewed beams - which can still be admired to this day.  Originally named “The Landing”, Rodd’s home was transformed to the Stonehouse Pub in 1985 and quickly became a favorite spot for Swartz Bay ferry travellers, and residents of the greater Victoria area.
The Stonehouse today
The new management team at the StoneHouse since 2012 consists of two passionate entrepreneurs, who not only share a lifelong friendship but also a lifetime of hospitality experience throughout Canada.  Their combined expertise in the culinary arts, bartending practice, customer service, marketing and design has culminated into a unified vision to create the Stonehouse Pub & Restaurant.  This team believes in the celebrated idea that the general purpose of a restaurant - and the specific intention of the StoneHouse - is to “restore” its guests.  In that spirit, they have created a space both current and comfortable: mindful of the past in an historical setting but with an eye toward the future with an innovative menu.  They invite you to relax and enjoy a unique dining experience.  Their menu offers creations that are inspired by the local artisans, farmers and foragers who share the Saanich Peninsula.
Canoe Cove Marina History at Swartz Bay
In the 1920’s, a small cove in Canoe Bay was used as a shipping point and safe-haven for rum runners during U.S. prohibition. During this period, contraband liquor was shipped to the San Juan Islands and several other locations in Puget Sound.  By the end of the 20’s, a sheltered marina had been established in Canoe Cove.  This facility was the birth of what is now Canoe Cove Marina. In the early 1930’s, a boat building operation specializing in construction of small wooden vessels began operations as Canoe Cove Marina.  In 1958, the Marina was sold and the new owners continued to build a complete line of wooden boats, including sailboats.  The last wooden boat was launched in 1964, heralding a succession of popular fibreglass powerboats called the “Canoe Cove” line of vessels.  The Marina, excluding the boat building section, which continued operations with the previous owners, was sold in 1974 to the present owners.  As the popularity of pleasure boating increased over the years, so have the facilities and services of Canoe Cove Marina which currently offers over 450 “wet” slips, including 132 boathouses and 20 covered slips as well as a 120-vessel dry-land storage yard.  As moorage and storage facilities expanded, so too have support services.
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